WWE Evolution: Match Card, Date, And How To Watch The PPV

The next WWE PPV is almost here, but this next installment for the sports entertainment giant is going to be a special one. Evolution will be the first event where all the competitors are women. The show will showcase current talent from the women’s roster at the company while bringing back some iconic stars from the past.

Evolution comes to the WWE Network on Sunday, October 28 at 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET / 11 PM GMT. At this time, we’re unsure if a Kickoff Show will open up the show an hour prior. WWE’s Evolution will be held at NYCB Live in Uniondale, New York. If you’re in the area, tickets are still available for the upcoming event. If you want to check out the event for yourself, you can subscribe to WWE’s streaming service for $10 a month, or sign up for a free month and cancel at any time with no obligation.

Thus far, everything on the card is straight fire. The glorious pirate Kairi Sane and her amazing elbow drop continues her rivalry with the Queen of Spades, Shayna Baszler, for the NXT Championship. Also, Charlotte gets a rematch for the Smackdown Women’s Championship against the super-arrogant–and super-wonderful–Becky Lynch in a Last Woman Standing match, and the buildup to that match has been phenomenal over the past few weeks.

As of this writing, there are only five matches on the card. There is a week left to go before the show, but we’ll keep you updated as more matches are announced.

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Evolution Match Card:

  • 16-Woman Battle Royal
  • Kairi Sane (c) vs. Shayna Baszler (NXT Championship)
  • Trish Stratus & Lita vs. Alexa Bliss & Mickie James
  • Becky Lynch (c) vs. Charlotte Flair (Last Woman Standing Match for the Smackdown Championship)
  • Ronda Rousey (c) vs. Nikki Bella (Raw Championship)

Make sure to come back to GameSpot on Sunday, October 28 for live coverage of the event.

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