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Hosting.co.uk is a UK based web hosting company that offers a wide range of services like hosting, VPS, dedicated servers and cloud apps. They boast with a Tier IV data center with “lightning fast speeds” accompanied by a great customer support service available 24/7 365 days a year.

To establish a relationship of trust and complete reliability from the beginning, their plans are transparent and they promise to never change the price. The price you start with is guaranteed for lifetime (or as long as you have an account with them) and the only things that can change are the special offers, but these are well highlighted.


Hosting Plans & Features

Hosting.co.uk’s general plans offer shared web hosting services which means that they are great for small to medium businesses, bloggers, WordPress sites, and small e-commerce sites. A business that requires a large amount of data usage may want to direct their attention to their dedicated servers offer.

Their web hosting plans are perfect for bloggers, family websites, small businesses that want to start an online reputation and gain more customers, and small e-commerce stores that must be supported by a reliable and powerful hosting service. One feature that situates them over the iPower company is the fact that they allow for quick data import and export, allowing users to move their sites rather than create a new one.

Web Hosting

Shared hosting solutions in four levels of service with free migrations within 24 hours. Plans are appropriate for individuals, bloggers, small businesses, and e-commerce sites.

  • Plans: Beginner, Advanced, Business and Ultimate
  • Up to unlimited* disk space, depending on plan choice
  • Up to unlimited* data transfer, depending on plan choice
  • Up to unlimited* unique websites, depending on plan choice
  • Up to unlimited* email accounts, depending on plan choice
  • Up to unlimited* MySQL databases, depending on plan choice
  • Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP)
  • Support for popular apps, like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal
  • Advertising vouchers, media download voucher
  • 2checkout account
  • One-click software installation
  • cPanel
  • Account migration

Reseller Hosting

Perfect for either reselling or hosting many of your own sites with one control center.

  • Four service tiers: Mini, Startup, Professional, and Leader
  • Up to 200 GB disk space, depending on plan chosen
  • Up to 2000 GB monthly transfer, depending on plan chosen
  • Up to unlimited* cPanel accounts, depending on plan chosen
  • WebHostManager (WHM) and cPanel
  • Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP)
  • White label platform
  • Personal nameservers
  • Advertising vouchers, media download voucher
  • 2checkout account
  • One-click software installation
  • Support for popular apps, like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal

VPS Hosting

Four levels of Linux-based virtual server hosting with optional full server management. Plans accommodate the needs of individuals up to large businesses.

  • Plans: Starter, Intermediate, Professional, and Advanced
  • Unlimited* bandwidth
  • Up to 125 GB disk space, depending on plan chosen
  • Up to 4 CPU cores, depending on plan chosen
  • Up to 3072 MB memory, depending on plan chosen
  • Up to 4 IP addresses, depending on plan chosen
  • Choice of Linux distributions: CentOS, Fedora, or Debian
  • cPanel and WHM; monthly fee applies
  • Seamless upgrade and downgrade
  • Full server management option; fee applies

Dedicated Servers

Four pricing tiers with exclusive, dedicated resources for all your sites.

  • Choice of operating system: Linux or Windows Server
  • Up to 16 GB memory, depending on tier chosen
  • Up to four 3.5GHz quad core, depending on tier chosen
  • Up to 240 GB hard drives, depending on tier chosen
  • 5 TB monthly bandwidth
  • Two IP addresses
  • cPanel and WHM


Hosting.co.uk offers three cloud storage options, all of which are 100% encrypted.

  • Plans: MEGA Pro 1, MEGA Pro 2, MEGA Pro 3
  • Up to 4 TB storage, depending on plan chosen
  • Up to 8 TB monthly bandwidth, depending on plan chosen
  • Secure online collaboration
  • Powerful file manager
  • App ecosystem
  • Monthly or annual payment


Ease of Use

The platform is very easy to use and they even boast with their 1-click CMS install options offered on all plans. This means that regardless of the web platform used (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or others) you will receive fast installation that doesn’t require any advanced technical knowledge.

Final Thoughts

  • Fast setup on most web platforms
  • Great support
  • Powerful SEO tools
  • Price lock feature
  • No drag & drop website building tools
  • Not suited for big companies

Hosting.co.uk is a company that offers a great series of features with their web hosting plans and this recommends them for anyone trying to start an online business or community. The price lock feature is unique and absolutely great considering that most web hosting providers make price changes at the renewal.


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