Material Design Lite: 18 Articles You Must Read

Material Design Lite is fully compatible with all major browsers and it will display perfectly on any device. We’ve rounded up a collection of 20 articles that you must read, about what Material Design Lite is. These will definitely help you give your website and unique look that will attract the visitors.

The articles are oriented towards the most important aspects of Material Lite. Material Design Lite is focused on modern web design specifications, for instance, responsive designs, compatible with various browsers.

So, here you have a large variety of resources that will help you improve your web performance. You can integrate them into web or mobile designs. Here they are!

Material design lite elements can be integrated into your projects, websites or apps, quickly and with no JavaScript frameworks.

Material Design Lite Components in HTML/CSS/JS

This front-end framework comes in handy in any situation. Here you have a neat library which you can use later on.

An Overview of Material Design Lite

Here’s the presentation page of the newly released Material Design Lite 1.0.4. Here you’Lloyd discover lots of useful libraries, templates, etc.

New Release of Material Design Lite - 1.0.4 | Web | Google Developers

This material design lite wa specially designed for Dart and it includes lots of components. These are very essential for web developers or designers.


This is a great article about material design lite and Angular projects. Check it out and see which is the best way of integrating it.

Material Design Lite Integration with AngularJS

Here is a neat comparison between Bootstrap and material design lite from Google. Read this article to better understand the features of each one.

Comparing Bootstrap With Google's Material Design Lite

This is an excellent tutorial about material design lite which includes useful info about UI components, and more.

Material Design Lite Tutorial

This link takes you to a great article about material design lute. This introduction is very useful especially for beginners, to explain from the beginning what it’s all about.

A Practical Introduction to Material Design Lite by Google — SitePoint

There are many situations where you can use material design lite. One of them is creating a full website. See how you can do that in a simple manner.

Learn to make websites with Google's Material Design Lite | Udemy

Here you very an excellent article from UXPIN about Material Design Lite.  Follow this link and learn more about it.

 Web Design Trends 2017: The Year of Material Design Lite - UXPin

If you are thinking about migrating from material design lite, here are some facts that you need to know to make a smooth transition. Check out this link and find out more about this.

Migrating from Material Design Lite

This is another useful article about how you can use material design lite to build powerful websites. Take a look and see what new things you can learn.

Build a static site with Material Design Lite | Creative Bloq

This is an amazing plugin which includes a simple installation. This will surely come in handy in the future.

 Material Design Lite Snippets - Packages - Package Control

Enter this forum and get your questioned answered by other material design lite fans.

Material Design Lite - help - Meteor forums

This is a well-organized article focused on material design lite: its features, appearance, etc.

 Google Unveils Material Design Lite

Here’so an excellent article about MTD for Seaside. Here you have a small description about what it has to offers, it’s features, characteristics, etc.


There’should much to be learned about material design lite. Follow this link and see what new things you encounter.

 Material Design Lite WordPress Theme

Here, on Designer News, you can discover important aspects about Material Design lite. Follow this link and see what new things you can learn.

Material Design Lite – Designer News

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