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One of the factors that I enjoy most about SEO is that it’s never getting old. You always need to keep updated. There’s constantly something to question and so there’s constantly something more to learn. It’s a field crowded with highly skilled experts, and so it becomes very competitive since many of those have their own professions. But how they get succeeded? What anyone needs to learn about their SEO strategies? Are you ready to learn SEO?

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People used to ask; how can you learn SEO? How do I do SEO for my website? How do you do SEO yourself? What are Google SEO tools? Where to get online sources for learning SEO? Want to learn SEO from experts? SEO tutorials, top SEO tips and so on…

The search engine optimization (SEO) has improved over the last few years, with the improved & extensive use of best SEO practices.

Now, the SEO industry is worth more than $72 billion. Not only large businesses but small companies are also taking part to learn how those advanced and actionable search techniques have the power to grow their business. No matter what kind of business you are running large or small, if you are depending on targetted organic traffic for your sales, you need to be expert in SEO or else you required to hire an SEO expert that will work better for you.

On the other side, the Google keeps making big algorithm changes after every few months and the businesses and their hired experts are trying to prepare and then implement to work better for them.

SEO has become a wide field and it’s increasingly necessary to know more about other factors of marketing clues to implement best search strategies. Being an SEO expert you requires research, practice, and of course experience. Seekers are still ready to pay the higher salary for an SEO professional who knows how to cop up with the competition. And if you’re able to implement a successful SEO campaign and drive their marketing channel to grow under your expert guidance you can then settle yourself and will perform pretty well as an SEO expert.

SEO is a huge and most effective element in digital marketing today. And as you see, it is always updating & growing. Further including to it, the search engines especially Google keeps announcing new features in the SERP, no more keywords are considered for search rankings, first 3 letters of URL are promisings and lots of other search variables & SEO changes. Whatever you understand today will be thrown out of the box tomorrow. This shows that if you are not active, productive, analytical and pretty experimental it becomes hard to get the better results tomorrow for whatever you are working today.

It’s nearly about 3 years ago I regularly started SEO learning. I can sincerely say it’s one of the greatest things I’ve ever tried to do in life. I used to keep learning on case studies for the link building, keyword research, technical SEO and more. Yeah, it is the most difficult, exhausting and annoying things that could happen to anyone. Then I hired SEO professionals and spend huge money. Then? What I got to know after few years? Today I’m going to provide a short list of what I’ve learned after spending and hiring SEO experts.

You Can Learn SEO

4. Lessons Learned From Hiring SEO Professionals

To SEO optimize the website I have been spending lots of money and time with SEO experts that makes me learn lots of things which you might find useful. This article looks small, but trust me its worth it.

Things I’ve learned from past decades as a professional and by recruiting SEO experts:

1. Sources For Keywords Other Than Google Suggest.

The first thing I learned was that “there are better sources for keywords than Google Suggest“. This was not obvious to me at first, as most tools use Google Suggest for their keywords.

If your site is an e-commerce site, Amazon and eBay are much better sources for keywords. Similarly, if your business relies on traffic from YouTube, you have to use YouTube suggest for your keywords research.

Apart from these, there are many other sources you can use like Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Alibaba, Wikipedia, and Ask.

2. Targetting Non-Optimized Onpage Keywords.

Now the second thing is to “choose keywords that have not been optimized for On-Page SEO“.

Too often we choose keywords based on a high monthly search volume and these are very difficult to rank for without building a lot of backlinks.

A much better approach is to find keywords that no one has optimized their websites for. Then, you can simply rank for these without building any backlinks.

To do this, you search for the keyword on Google, then look at the top 10 results. You will then look at whether the results have the exact keyword (or a variant) in the URL, title, meta description, headings, and content.

If these websites are not optimized for that keyword, it is very likely that you can rank on the first page simply by ensuring your content is actually optimized for that specific keyword.

3. Re-Focusing SERP.

The third tip is “Pay attention to Search Engine Result Page (SERP) features“.

Do you remember the times when all Google would show were the organic listings?

Then they added ads at the top, ahead of the organic listings … then they added local listings … then product listings, news articles, knowledge graphs and so on and on.

Now, for some keywords, the organic results are shown at the bottom of the page and even if you rank number 1 you will likely not get any traffic!

Professional SEOs no longer just look at the monthly search volume. They also look at these SERP features that take traffic away from the organic listings.

They do this because they are smart and know that it is wasteful trying to rank number 1 for such keywords. So while the rest of us are chasing such high volume useless keywords, they are ranking for keywords that do not have these SERP features.

4. Effective Keyword Targeting For Traffic & Revenue.

Now the fourth thing is “Focus only on keywords that improve your bottom line“.

If you are buying a phone, you probably start a google search for “Best Android Phones 2018“.

Once you have narrowed down to a list of phones you like, you will go research them individually with keywords like “Moto Z Details” or “How Much RAM Samsung Galaxy Has“.

Once you know which phone you want, you then search for “Best Price Moto Z” or “Samsung Galaxy Discount“.

Now the chances of a website making a sale are higher when they rank for “Samsung Galaxy Discount” than for “Best Android Phone 2018”. If you operate an e-commerce site which sells phones, then ranking for “Samsung Galaxy Discount” is more profitable than ranking for “Best Android Phone 2018”.

However, if you own a tech blog that makes money from affiliate sales, then you want to rank for “Best Android Phone 2018” so that you can cookie the website visitors at the start of their buyer journey.

Keywords can, therefore, be categorized as buyer intent, product info, question and so on and you need to decide which category of keywords you would like to focus your efforts on. Doing so will ensure that you put the max effort into the most profitable keywords.

Bottom Line

Well, that’s all folks!

While implementing these tips will take you hours, it is very well worth the effort. If you are pressed for time, use our other keyword tool that automates all of this for you.

That is what I have learned from my past in SEO, hope it will help you to gain better results with your search optimization techniques, if you have known or anything learned any best SEO practice do share your views via comment sections shown below. And don’t forget to like, share and subscribeto more updated tech news.

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