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iMyfone Technology focuses on developing Windows and Mac software such as mobile data recovery, space saver, and data transfer. Founded May 18, 2015. So its a relative new company, based in Shenzhen, Guangdong China.


Installation of iMyFone Umate Pro is easy and straight forward. Just drag and drop the application to your Applications map and you’re done.


There are now more than 700 million iPhones currently in use worldwide. Thats an impressive number and an impressive risk for personal data theft. Just imagine, all these phones changing owners and as many users are not aware of the data recovery possibilities one needs to make use of really good software to perform true cleaning and erase of all personal and safety risk data on your iPhone .

People may think that the basic erase function within your iPhones software/settings is doing the same job, are very wrong. Just a one sweep erase will make data ‘look’ disappeared but can easily be recovered with various applications. A simple factory reset is easy to undo for anyone interested in your identity or private data.

Now this is the part where iMyFone Umate PRO is needed:  iMyFone Umate Pro: Securely Wipe Your Personal Data From an iPhone/iPad/iPod 100% unrecoverable


The Interface is well presented and truly simple to use for anyone. The layout presents the action tiles/buttons on the left side in blue, well marked with their functions.


Using iMyFone UMATE Pro is no rocket science, its really self explained with popups when appropriate. Just follow the guides presented and you will successfully finish the job. Job Done !

☞ ‘ Please note, for the erasing process to be successful, you MUST disable the “Find my iPhone” feature.’
You can do this by going into your iPhone settings and navigating to iCloud–>Find My iPhone, then toggling it off. Also note that the erasing process will take some time, so start the process and go make a cup of coffee or something. It goes without saying that while the process is going on, you cannot use the phone. The size of your cup of coffee really depends on the amount to be erased and the Erase-method chosen.

If we take the last ( above image ) as our goal, so we want to erase the selected items, Contact – Safari History – Call History we press Erase Now ?

NOTE: If you’ve already set the Find My iPhone the first image below will NOT appear, but in our first try, we were told to do so by the popup as we were not aware of what to do first, nicely done by the developers to ensure perfect finish.

The actual erasing Method pops up when pressed Erase, it wants you to define the Level of Erasing:

  1. Low Level ( 1 Time )
  2. Medium Level ( 1 Time )
  3. High Level ( 3 Times )

The latest option number 3 is conform the Security standard US. DoD which is the highest level of erasing data, doing a 3-times erase process making sure all is really deleted. The other processes are fine for less important stuff on your iPhone.
Its obvious that the Highest Level will take longer to erase then the Lower Levels. So just sit back and let the application do its work.

The different Blue Erasing Tiles ( options ), have their specific working area’s like:
  • 1-Click Free Up space
  • The main screen shows you how much space you currently have left on the phone.  To see if you can free-up more space,  just press the “Quick Scan” button and it will show you the elements which can be deleted to free-up space.
  • Erase All Data
  • Selling your iPhone ? Then this option is an absolute must for anyone. Protect your privacy or identity theft ! Erase All Data !!
  • Erase Deleted Files
  • Use this feature to selectively delete certain files, Remember erasing means Gone is Gone.
  • Erase Private Data
  • This option will provide selection of specific information you want to erase.

After a successful erasing a final screen shows the relevant information of the chosen Action-Tile in this case 1-Click Free Up Space. I keep my phone clean all the time so the freed up space is different for any user. This application is working really well, it has never
crashed or hung during our tests. A well made application, thats for sure.


Most applications have some preferences available, like save settings as a kind of bookmark, store places etc. iMyFone is THAT EASY in use, that it needs No preferences at all besides a choice in language to use. How’s that for simplicity!


One thing is for sure iMyFone Umate Pro, is Not Erased from our memory ! Its a really good piece of software, well designed and easy in use. For the millions of iPhone users applications like this are a must as there will be point in time you really NEED software like this to make sure your data is erased and identity theft is secured.

We all use mobiles and we all sell or part from our phones. iMyFone Umate Pro provides an excellent tool to help us do the inevitable job : ERASE DATA. Its reliable, intuitive and stable. All aspects you want from a safety application and available for Mac and Windows.
Now its up to you, to see if you take your data just for granted or serious. iMyFone Umate Pro is a great buy if security is your middle name.

Special discount for iMyFone Umate Pro for Windows

Special discount for iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac


  • Intuitive Interface
  • Multiple Erase options
  • Stability
  • Multi Erase Levels
  • Mac & Windows platform


  • None found
Get iMyFone Umate Pro with 20% off to permanently erase specific private data from iPhone with 0% recovery such as messages, contacts, call history, photos & video, WhatsApp/Kik/Viber conversation.
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