How to improve the visibility of your website in search engines, keyword research.

You just wrote a new unique post for your blog. Unfortunately, at the search results are too far for anyone to reach. And what now…?
You can write another post and count that this time you will have luck, or maybe you should think about what went wrong.
Return to your post and read it carefully, only this time not as the author but reader. Think about how you can make your text more attractive. Now is time to start keyword research.


Before you start improving your text, think about the leitmotif of the post, an idea about the keywords that should attract the reader’s attention. It may be one word or a longer phrase consisting of two or even 5 words. Write them on paper in a text editor or notepad. You already have a list of the most important phrases that appear in your text. Now think if there are other expressions that you have not used but are also used on a daily basis. Write to them also.

Now comes the moment of truth, test your keywords in the search engine in which you would like to be displayed (google, bing, yahoo).

Keyword research

When we search for something on the internet, we use the single word “Game” if we are looking for information about the game. Even the title of the game does not always bring us the most-expected sort. Therefore, if I am looking for specific information, I always use a few words, “Assassins Creed Xbox game”. In this way, the search engine reduces the number of results only to the most suited for my phrase.
How to push the search engine to find your post?

Each of us is different and the phrases which you used in your post probably are not the ones that other web surfers enter in the search box. How to check which keywords will be the best for your site?

Seek for proven tools for optimizing SEO,

SEMrush has one of the best tools on the market. You do not have to immediately decide to purchase the tools offered by the company. First, check how SEO entities can improve the visibility of your website in search engines.

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Go back to the tool, in the left side column. Navigate to Keyword Research. In the search window, enter the phrase that you consider the most important. The first of those options. Do not click it off, it will reset the tool.
The other allows you to select the results from. Even though you cannot resume, it cannot be resolved.
After pressing the SEARCH, the search data appears. You will receive information about organic search, paid search cost, if you decide to improve your visibility (some phrases are more popular than others), and the search trend.

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Phrase match keywords and Related Keywords

These two reports are the heart and soul of keyword analysis.
Phrase match keyword shows variations of the most keyword you given that customers would possibly use to search for a product or service.
Related keywords report shows completely different keywords that relate to the main keyword in one way or another.
We’re planning to be engaged on those two reports.
Click on “View full report” below Phrase match keyword report.
This will offer you access to a full list of phrase match keywords SEMrush had found for the subject. In my case, the tool generated 4836 results. Not bad!

As you’ll be able to see, apart from the list of keywords the tool additionally displays info which will help me higher assess those keywords:
• Traffic Volume.
• Average CPC.
• Competition Density.
• Of Results.
• Trend
It also lets me see the cached SERP (search engine results) page for every keyword research.
By analyzing this information you’ll be able to assess which keywords may be worth targeting your SEO efforts.
Now do the same for related Keywords.
Click on related in the left sidebar, below Keyword research section.

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