How to: Backup and Restore Mozilla Firefox

Backup and Restore Mozilla Firefox – Even there are so many competitors in the browser market for the Firefox, the Firefox is still at the top. And today you are going to learn a manual process to backing up Firefox. At the end of the How-to guide, you will abe to know about:
  • How do you restore bookmarks in Firefox?
  • How do you save bookmarks for future use?
  • How to backup History, Bookmarks, Profile, Everything in Firefox?
  • How can you transfer all your bookmarks from one computer to another?
  • Where Firefox stores your bookmarks, passwords and other profile data info?
  • How do I move your bookmarks from Firefox to Chrome?
  • How to backup and restore Mozilla Firefox?
  • How to transfer or move your Firefox profile to a new location or computer?
Today here we are going to see one of the simplest methods on how to backup Firefox and will describe how to backup your default Firefox profile. As you know, the Mozilla Firefox Sync option is there that continuously updates itself for your account and saves the changes in clouds as you changes your bookmarks, but it does not actually provide a real backup service that saves all your data including sessions, Firefox themes, browsing history, add-ons, cookies or even if you have logged in add-on settings. Moreover, the MozBackup is also Windows tool that backup Firefox profile or you can also use other automated online backup tools; but here we have explained a simple way to make it easy for you. If you are a Firefox user & require to backup, your browser data then learn the quick method to backup and restore your default Firefox profile, all data, saved bookmarks from or to another computer location. Moreover, you can recover Firefox Profiles with this technic manually. Bookmark this page as a backup assistant for future use as there is no need to backup software or any other backup and restore app.

Backup and Restore Mozilla Firefox

Last time we have seen 6 Ways To Make Firefox 10x Faster than Chrome. And now we are going to see, free, quick and simplest method to backup Firefox. Let’s check out.

The popularity of Firefox around the world

The reasons why the Firefox gets more popularity:

  • More than 150,000,000 add-ons are available, and also they are in use for making user job easier.
  • Up to 50,000 user-scripts for enhancing the user interface with the site.
  • Much faster.
  • More compatibility phases with most sites.
  • Better stability.
  • One of the major hidden advantages is that; the Firefox Settings can be easily backup in order to move it elsewhere.

Manually Backup & Restore Mozilla Firefox

For the backup/restore purpose, there are several software’s are available over the internet. Also, they are free of cost. (I suggest mozBackup.) But the fact that they are quite time-consuming.

To overcome this difficulty & as time is more important part of everyone, there is an another simple way of backing-up the Firefox as there is no need of any software. It’s a manual backup process & it is truly easy. Not only simple but more efficient than any other online backup tool you have ever seen on the Internet.

Part I: Backup Mozilla Firefox

You just follow the steps below to manual backup Mozilla Firefox:

1. Open My Computer.

2. Go to Window-drive (mostly C: drive where the windows are installed).

3. Then go to: Documents and SettingsUSER_ACCOUNT_NAMEApplication Data.(If you don’t know USER_ACCOUNT_NAME go to Control Panel, then User Accounts.)

4. And now copy the Mozilla named folder to other drive or somewhere else for safety. (Say E:Mozilla)

5. You have taken the backup of the Firefox. And keep it in a safe position.

Part II: Restore Mozilla Firefox

You just follow the steps below to manual restore Mozilla Firefox:

1. When you re-install the Firefox again or if you want to keep same Settings in your office or at different location, you have to just copy the Backup folder (E:Mozilla) and paste it into the same directory (windows-drive:Documents and SettingsUSER_ACCOUNT_NAMEApplication Data)

2. It may prompt to replace the file, just say ‘Yes’ or ‘Yes to all.’ (But it’s better to shift+delete the old/existing installed Mozilla folder and paste the Backup folder)

3. That’s it, now all your data remains as it is, without using any external software.

NOTE: You can compress data by Winzip or Winrar, this will reduce the file size more than 50%.

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