Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire

Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire is the second expansion for the award-winning game, Guild Wars 2. As the balance of magic comes undone, lead your allies in the hunt for the rogue god Balthazar, whose scorched-earth campaign threatens the very existence of Tyria.

 The development of Guild Wars 2 took place in the ArenaNet development company owned by NCsoft. The plot of the game was set 250 years after the events presented in the Guild Wars: Eye of the North.

Guild Wars 2 is a continuation of the saga of MMO genres started in 2005. The American company ArenaNet, closely cooperating with NCSoft, specializing in this type of games, is responsible for creating all parts and numerous additions. The publisher of NCSoft is known for such items as: Auto Assault, City of Heroes and City of Villains, Lineage series, or Tabula Rasa.

The first installment of Guild Wars is divided into three separate, independent campaigns: Prophecies, Factions and Nightfall and Eye of the North, requiring one of them. This extension introduced a system called Hall of Monuments, thanks to which players could transfer some of their achievements from the whole game to the second part, thus gaining some advantages right at the very start. Among the awards for veterans appear: additional weapons, animal companions, or prestigious titles for the character.

The authors decided to expand the possibilities of character creation. In the second installment of the saga, we can therefore embody not only the representative of the human race. We also got to choose: Charr (wild humanoid beasts), Nornów (over two-meter warriors from the north capable of turning into animals), Asurów (cunning thinkers) and Sylvari (race born of a magical tree). We can develop our hero: gain experience levels (maximum 80), unlock skills and equip better equipment. Individual character classes (eg Necromancer, Warrior, Elementalist) also have special properties, and a large number of spells / attacks have been assigned to the weapon.

Most of the game can be done alone, but a very important aspect of the game is also the fight alongside other players. The creators have prepared a lot of interesting areas, missions and challenges. In contrast to the first part, in the vast majority of locations we will meet not only team members, but also players from around the world. Production breaks almost entirely with classic tasks for area events in which everyone can participate. However, role-playing missions continue to play the leading role. Unlike the first part of the series, however, they are more complex and multithreaded.

The Races of Tyria

Create and customize your character from the five main races of Tyria: noble humans, valiant norn, ferocious charr, ingenious asura, or mysterious sylvari.

  1. Asura

    Diminutive Mystical Scientists

    While small in stature, the asura are intellectual giants. Their thirst for knowledge and innovation has made them Tyria’s foremost experts on magitech, and their arcane inventions make them powerful allies. Asuran society is competitive and fast-paced, facing each danger as a puzzle to solve—but the urgent threat of the Elder Dragons has forced them to admit that they don’t have all the answers.
  2. Sylvari

    Mysterious Curious Plant Beings

    Most sylvari are connected by the Dream, where their experiences in the world gather like dew under the branches of their mother, the Pale Tree. Some awaken for the first time with a path clear before them, but all must learn to balance freedom with duty, ardor with chivalry, and justice with honor.
  3. Human

    A Resilient and Diverse People

    The ruins of humanity’s cities and shrines lay scattered across Tyria, serving as haunting reminders of their past glory. The Krytan city of Divinity’s Reach, however, is very much alive, and stands as testament to human resilience, diversity, and spirit. With their six gods long silent, humankind can choose to fade into obscurity—or create a new future, standing equal with the rest of the world.
  4. Norn

    Towering Northern Hunters

    In any legend worth telling, a single norn would have scaled the Shiverpeaks to hunt the Elder Dragon Jormag and returned with its head. In truth, Jormag drove the norn from their homeland; it lurks undefeated in the mountains, transforming hunters into its icebrood thralls. Any hero who faces it risks having their immortal legend untold, joining the vanquished hundreds in its shadow.
  5. Charr

    A Regimented Military Society

    Once led by the fanatical Flame Legion, the charr have cast aside religion. Their strict military culture ensures that each charr has a place in the world…as long as they’re able to carry out their duties. They value progress and innovation, despite their bloody history—but while “victory at any cost” is a principle most charr can agree on, having to rely on allies—including their ancient enemies—is a high price to bear.



Takes you back to the past. All the way back to the past to a little expansion that came out 11 years ago called Nightfall. This second standalone campaign for the original Guild Wars is widely regarded as the best that the MMO has had going for it since its initial release.

It should be no surprise then that the follow-up to Nightfall’s story in Guild Wars 2 is also the best that the series has to offer, even overthrowing its predecessor in the process. It’s unfortunate that Path of Fire hasn’t been marketed well at all when it has so much going for it, in addition to bugs and issues that nearly overshadow all the great things about it.

Path of Fire – Return to the Crystal Desert

Surprisingly, Path of Fire eschews what was established in the original Guild Wars 2 storyline and the Heart of Thorns expansion for a mostly standalone story that takes you back to the Crystal Desert for a second go-around. You may already be groaning at the thought of such a traumatizing place, but ArenaNet has taken the time to redeem such a universally hated location.

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What was once a boring, bland desert environment, has since been transformed into five varied locales from across it and Nightfall’s Elona desert lands. There are gorgeous sands, majestic oases, eerie sulfurous wastes, and luxurious Vabbian-style cities sprinkled throughout the land.


To Kill a God

In Path of Fire, your army-commanding character is sent to the Crystal Desert to fend off the invasion of the god of war Balthazar and his army of fanatical followers. That may sound cliche at first, but the story is unlike anything else Guild Wars has done before.

It both simultaneously follows-up on the plot from the original Guild Wars, while branching off into something new and entirely different. It brings back characters you might remember, continuing their stories and acting as the true sequel to Guild Wars.


It was little moments like aiding refugees fleeing from Balthazar’s wrath or facing certain death that proved how much ArenaNet has learned from everything it has created so far. Path of Fire takes its name literally, sending you on a path of discovery with so many awe-inspiring scenes that I never saw coming and dare would not spoil.

The writing is intelligent and emotional, while never force-feeding you its platitudes. It handles itself with care, tying all of the threads that have been knitted since the series’ inception in 2005 together in the most beautiful way any fan could hope for.

That isn’t to say the story is perfect, though. There was one quest where it took me in circles for far too long and killed the great vibe that had been just set. In another key moment, there was several instances in the story that went on for much longer than they should have.

Everything felt rushed and that is a symptom of the overall problem with Path of Fire. It really takes you to hell and back with the amount of issues that it has. The story, while great, ends abruptly and leaves you wanting more. In fact, it’s even shorter than the first expansion. It doesn’t help that there’s almost nothing to do after the story besides bounties and finding the Griffon mount.

Path of Fire

There are new elite specializations added for every class. Though some like the Elementalist’s Weaver greatly change up how you play the class, it is no substitution for brand new classes being added to the game. It is a missed opportunity to introduce something different for everyone to try out.

Right off the bat, I was bombarded with ridiculous amounts of bugs and issues that plagued the entire expansion. They have since been mostly fixed, but proved that ArenaNet rushed Path of Fire.

There were moments when unlocked waypoints didn’t show up, I couldn’t access several instances, got physically stuck and couldn’t move, in addition to getting kicked from the game multiple times. In one terribly awful moment, I was kicked out of the game soon after reaching the Crystal Desert and couldn’t get back into the new expansion area upon logging back in.

Path of Fire – Conclusion

It’s disappointing how many issues Guild War 2’s second expansion Path of Fire has. Whether it’s the lack of content, numerous bugs (some fixed, others that still exist), or rushed plot, there’s a lot that hinders what is otherwise a surprisingly great expansion.

The story is mostly well-written and emotional, the environments are far more beautiful and varied than you’d imagine, and the new mounts change up how you play the entire game. The positives do just barely outweigh the negatives, though, making Path of Fire easily the best part of the entire Guild Wars series that ArenaNet has created.

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