Best smart home devices under £100

Google Chromecast – £12.97

Chromecast might be the cheapest item on this list but it is also one of the best. Google has packed a whole lot of goodness into this tiny package and its 2nd generation Chromecast is better than ever. Google Chromecast essentially turns a regular television into a smart TV. Just plug it into your HDMI port and power it via USB (either from a plug socket or from a USB on the back of your TV). Your phone then becomes a remote control for your smart, allowing you to fire up your favorite content from Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, Hulu, HBO Now and many more. You can still use your phone during playback as Chromecast streams directly from your home Wi-Fi, rather than replicate what it on your phone screen. For this price, Chromecast is a life-saver for use at home or whilst traveling.

Chromecast from Google is one of the cheapest and easiest smartTV solutions. / © Google
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Google Home Mini – £39.99

The Google Home mini does everything that Google Home does, but for less than half the price in a much smaller package. The home speaker looks a lot sleeker and, for my money, can slip into your decor in a way that is more undetectable than the regular Google Home. Of course, the sound quality is compromised a little due to the fact that this thing doesn’t have space for large speaker – it’s actually a single, upward facing speaker – but if you really care about the premium sound you should probably get something from Sonos or Marshall anyway. You can also leave the microphone permanently muted if you are worried about Google listening into your home.

Google Home Mini Tink Androidpit
The Google Home Mini is small and sleek enough to fit any home. / © tink
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Amazon Echo Dot – £49.99

Much like the above Google Home Mini, the Dot is Amazon’s pint-sized version of its Echo smart speaker. By talking to Amazon’s Alexa you can set alarms, get weather reports, ask questions, play music and much more. There are seen microphones in this thing but, like with the Home Mini, you can mute them if you want to. The only real downside of the Echo Dot is the design. It looks like a chunky hockey puck, but if you are a fan of Amazon Alexa over Google Assistant, this is the mini smart speaker for you.

AndroidPIT amazon alexa vs google assistant 4962
Google Home Mini or Amazon Echo Dot, which do you prefer? / © AndroidPIT
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Phillips Hue Starter Kit – £59.99   now £50.99

Ever wanted to get into the world of smart lighting but with so many new products on the market, never really known where to start? A Phillips Hue starter kit might be just the ticket! For under $100 you get four bulbs and the bridge that you’ll need to connect everything up. You can automate the lights to make it look like you are at home if you are not, but the coolest things creating ambient lights for different moods. The bulbs can thousands of different colors of levels of brightness so you can create a lighting environment for any situation, directly from the Phillips Hue App on your smartphone. You can also save ‘themes’ for different settings so you can change the light in your room quickly to fit the time of day or mood you want to create.

AndroidPIT philips hue smart home smart lights 9464
Philips Hue smart lights can create ambient settings. / © AndroidPIT
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Samsung SmartThings Hub – £79.99

The Samsung SmartThings Hub might not be much on it own, but combined with other smart devices this thing can become the hub that connects your entire home. The hub connects wirelessly to each of your smart home stuff and acts as a central system for monitoring and controlling your home from its Android App. You can also receive alerts when there is unusual activity in your home and it even works with Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

androidpit smartthings panel

Control your entire home at the touch of a button. / © SmartThings
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Blink Security Camera (system incl) – £129.99

Home security is an important issue, but it used to be reserved for those that could afford expensive CCTV installations. Now, thanks to smart technology, a whole host of digital security cameras are flooding the market, and the best of them ) might just be the Blink Security Camera. Blink is truly wireless, very easy to set up and it can last up to two years on two AA batteries. It has a motion sensor so that it only records when it detects movement in your home, live HD video and audio streamed directly to your phone and even night vision. It’s also waterproof if you want to use it outdoors. There’s no monthly contract with Blink, as is the case with some other services such as Nest.

AndroidPIT blink xt security camera 3952
The Blink Security Camera is small and easy to set up. / © AndroidPIT by Irina Efremova
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Motorola Focus 88 Connect Portable Home Camera – £99.99

The Focus 88 connect offers a motorized pan and tilt function that gives you a 300-degree view, so you can be sure your home and family are safe at all times. The digital zoom function means you can get a closer look at what’s happening, for an additional piece of mind. The portable battery lets you move from room to room, for up to 90 minutes wire-free use. Motion-triggered recording requires a paid subscription plan and additional data charges may apply. Compatible with Apple iOS 7 and Android 4.0 and above.

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