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The Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites. It effects in 2004 & by the benefits of social media, within a very short period of time, its popularity & active users increased & still growing rapidly. In addition to that, the Facebook is best to drive targeted traffic to the brand and so most of the marketers are tends to use FB for better branding. Here I’m going to overview the major advantages and disadvantages, pros+cons of the Facebook. Advantages & Disadvantages of Facebook

In the marketing point of view, the Facebook is valuable to create a brand not only for individuals but also businesses at the global level. The Facebook benefits include as a social networking pros provides benefits for business and individuals too, such as making a group, chatting with clients, making an event, wall stickers, reliable platforms, news feed, etc. you can meet new people & have knowledge about various places, traditions & culture. No doubt, the Facebook is proved as a great option to connect with the world these days. Moreover, now you can access Facebook free without Internet from any kind of mobile device.Most of the people use FB in day-to-day life; even many people spend hours-&-hours on the Facebook. But there are advantages/disadvantages social networking sites; it’s now important to not to get addicted to it. And here is the actual hole in the ship that brings the drawbacks of social media marketing following FB as disadvantages of Facebook for business. Today this article will list all pros & cons of the Facebook usage.However, the coin always has the two sides so you must know both sides of the Facebook & try to be aware of the Facebook drawbacks & go with the Facebook benefits. Check not only out the facebook advantages and disadvantages for business but also the benefits of social media in business, advantages of social media in day-to-day life, disadvantages of using internet, pros of social media, benefits of Facebook, positive impact of social media and get to know that the Facebook isn’t the social network anymore.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook
Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook

The Major Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook

Today Facebook comes in different languages & with the use of language translator you can talk with anyone who doesn’t even know your tongue. Facebook engages almost everyone from young to old folks.

It does a great deal to enfranchize youth far more than it was before, but it’s a huge loss of your personal information too. Whatever you do from signing up, posting & creating media, editing, sharing the info & all your communications are handled by Facebook & it’s shared with other Facebook companies, advertisers.

Check out the most important advantages and negative effects of Facebook on life:


1. “Facebook Addiction” A new disorder.

There are many, who are addicted to the FB. People just start living in this virtual world & spend hours & hours on Facebook. Due to this, a new type of disorder has also come in human life i.e. Facebook addiction disorder in which person spend far too much time on Facebook, have difficulty cutting back. Furthermore, this disease keeps you away from real people and eventually creating the problems with the real-life relationships, relatives, school, or in the career. This is the biggest disadvantage of the Facebook site.

I suggesting you to read: Facebook Addiction | 25 Common Mistakes & It’s Solutions Everyone Should Consider While Using FB

2. The fight continues against fake profiles & phishing bots.

Opening an account, making a fake profile & ID is simple for anyone on the Facebook. And there is no limit for these fake profiles. There are so many cases of harassment & abuse that are often formulated by the fake accounts. Once you get into this trap, it would be very dangerous. Many cases have been reported about these fake accounts, bullying, stalking, blackmailing, due to which many lives have been destroyed especially, teens.

3. Scams are spreading like fire.

Suspicious emails, messages & notifications are the most widely used trick to hack your account & to get your personal information by using the phishing website that looks similar to the original Facebook site. Hackers send continuous emails asking for login data to check your newsfeed, new photos of their friends, & something akin to this. When you open that website, with the link given in that email, it 100% looks like original Facebook. And user didn’t even know that the hackers are stealing his account details. In this way, the scammers are trapping thousands of people on FB.

People received some scam messages from scammers & ask something about your bank details by telling them that they have won some prize & you are the lucky user. The user then gets attracted to the fake offer, click on the fake link, open fake site but then put his real login info and then he got phished by scammer successfully. And the ultimately this result to massive loss of your money, mental health & lots more.

4. Can’t keep things personal.

People are now used to reportedly sharing fewer personal updates on Facebook. The updates from you, about your private life, come in terms of the notification of your friends & other friends of friends so that your privacy is compromised automatically. It’s a fact if you see, every breakup, makeup, adventures, emotions are uploaded up there & the main reason behind this is most obvious to seek the attention of the people & to get share & be social, get likes, & comments. It’s a cycle that once you start updating about everything, then you can’t stop yourself further anymore.

5. Criticism.

There are many groups & pages on the Facebook published which is being created to abuse or violate other religion, personalities, nation, etc. This kind of activities disturbs the social environment. Many cases of the public violence & religious tensions, many false rumors are spread through the Facebook. The pages & groups that condone extremist, incepting points of views, & create abusively or attacking posts & hate speech about different religions, personalities, nationalities, etc. and especially used to misguide the people & increase the malice in them. These discriminatory & often racist activities are not acceptable on the global sites like FB.

6. Effect on academic’s activity.

Too much time on FB has proper with bad grades on the student’s results. Even it’s often found that many employees waste their time for surfing FB. That’s why many offices have blocked these kinds of sites from their networks completely.

7. Data privacy issues.

The Facebook provides you the reliable & secure privacy settings, but many people don’t use these settings properly, that causes an effect on your personal info that you provided and shared by using the Facebook. Now a day’s people have many tricks to view your private FB profiles. Even the Facebook profile pictures are also not safe. Moreover, the games such as Farmville, or some popular quiz apps, where you permit an application to be installed with your profile that you might not be aware that you are allowing them to manage your private info & to use your data with the third party.


1. Better Socializing – Facebook is changing the way we think & feel.

You can connect with the world by just signing into the Facebook. You get the information about various sectors, peoples, their culture, religion; it’s a social platform where the world comes together. Facebook isn’t the social network anymore. Sometimes it could be a better matrimony site or advanced version of penpalworld. It is easy to find out like-minded people by seeing their interests, & you can easily connect with them by looking up their wall updates, interests, & here you can connect with them by sending a free message.

2. Chatting: A better Internet communication.

Fb provides you the chat option so that you can talk with your friends, family members through FB just by using your laptop, & even with your mobile phones. Facebook has launched Messenger app earlier for mobile users by means of chatting purpose. Facebook can be used as video chatting tool. With the implementation of Skype partnership, the Facebook has started video chatting using FB inbuilt video chat service. Moreover, using WhatsApp video calling feature, you can make free video calls to your friends.

3. Find & invite your friends.

It’s the most amazing thing to find your old friends, & to keep in touch with them. Friend Finder feature helps you to find out your friends, with their names or email addresses. You can see their photos, updates & keep up to date with what they are doing. It is really real that many people found their old friends once again on FB they never knew they will ever contact again & they are not only now connected with FB but in real life too.

4. Business promotion.

It is one of the biggest advantages of Facebook. Through FB ads & fan pages, you can advertise your business. It helps you to maintain the good relationship with your customers. This is really important as in business you can sell or promote your product or service to the targeted audience & increase your brand value & social media presence for your business. There are billions of active users on FB, so it’s the best platform for any kind of business to fetch the right kind of customer. You can start making FB pages for your brand or company & can use this advantage to earn money online.

5. Entertainment unlimited.

Facebook is the best thing to spend your time when you don’t have to do anything & just getting bored. You can see your friends post, or share your photos, status, or even play games on FB. Yes, FB has a game corner where you can play games alone, or along with your friends. It’s just like endless entertainment.

6. Free.

The best part of the Facebook is that you do not have to pay money for its use & it’s the best medium for communication in the social networking sites. Messaging, video calls, uploading photos & videos without any charges don’t you think this is the best part of the FB. Lots of active users use the Facebook as a personal diary, where they upload and post their day-to-day life events and also post valuable notes with the social friends.

7. A platform to share feelings, life events.

Through Facebook, it is very easy to share your feeling, opinion & what’s happening in your life. It’s just like a platform you can use in your own way to share what’s going into your mind, your achievements, sorrows, happiness all feelings can be expressed & then you will able to get some guide, support, or help from your generous friends.

8. Pages, groups, news-feed.

These features of the Facebook are most amazing. I think FB gets most favorite just because of these several applications, features available under one roof. News-feed plays a significant role in getting the latest information. In the case of fan pages, the admin or the users publish the post, news, info, photos, videos, etc. regularly to stay connected and being engaged with their fan followers.

Bottom Line

We have quickly seen the advantages, disadvantage, pros & con, or drawbacks & benefits of the Facebook so now we conclude that the use of Facebook entirely depends on you & your usage. If it is used in a right way, right proportion & with proper care, then FB would be proved an amazing site for you.

For marketing & networking purpose Facebook is actually a great tool. But as we have said the coin has two sides, every user of Facebook must use site thoughtfully to minimize risk with the help of proper privacy settings & being aware of the drawbacks of social media sites. Never share posts that spreading wrong information, false news or hate speech, which can hurt some people’s feelings. Report if you found something wrong.

Using Facebook in the proper manner & not being addicted to it is important; if it so then Facebook is not harmful to you, rather I would like to say, it could be proved as the best website for you and better channel for your business brand.


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